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5 ways to ensure intruders are easier to detect

Running a business is always hard, but having the right security systems allows you to relax at home after a hard day and keep peace of mind that your business and assets you’ve worked hard to acquire are safe.

Each client has different needs, which need to be identified before choosing the right security system to best fit the client’s needs and security concerns. Every large business has expensive equipment and valuable data on site, so you need security that works. It is vital to have a reliable, secure and well maintained security system while running a business from a commercial premises.

Besides the obvious upsides of having a security system, there are many other factors as to why having a high grade security system on your commercial premises is essential. Many benefits such as lower insurance rates and asset protection.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help avoid intruders in entering your premises undetected –

  • Always ensure you have a well-lit premises at night to deter vandalism and intruders.
  • Ensure the premises is well maintained, trees trimmed, cleared from clutter etc.
  • Convex mirrors covering blind spots and corners in the premises.
  • Visibly display security cameras to initially deter criminals.
  • Keep the premises gated and always ensure it is securely locked before leaving the premises.

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