Facebook Post May 17, 2022 Sentinel Classroom Learn the basics of using your Sentinel Access Control software for the first time. https://www.storagesecurity.com.au/sentinel-classroom/ Give us a call on 1300 852 117 (AU) or 0800 746 311 (NZ) to find out more about our products and how we can assist in improving your facilities security. #SentinelAU #SentinelNZ
Facebook Post May 10, 2022 DETECT, DETER AND DELAY WITH ELECTRIC FENCES When a physical barrier, such as a wall or a fence, is combined with an electric fence it will deter attempts to infiltrate the protected perimeter. The electric fence delivers a high voltage shock that is non-lethal to the potential intruder. The Nemtek electric fence energizer has a detecting feature, which produces an alarm when the protected perimeter has been breached or tampered with. By using an electric fence, the attempted break-in of the protected area can be delayed giving additional time for a reaction team to respond to the breach. Give us a call on 1300 852 117 (AU) or 0800 746 311 (NZ) to find out more about our products. #SentinelAU #SentinelNZ
Facebook Post May 6, 2022 Wishing all the mums a happy Mothers Day this Sunday #SentinelAU #SentinelNZ
Facebook Post May 3, 2022 Mobile app & SMS Alerts Sentinel Platinum software provides you with complete remote control of your facility via a mobile app. Check system logs, open gates & doors… Receive an SMS anytime of the day or night for any significant events including door alarms or system failures. - Control of most Sentinel software functions by mobile - SMS and / or Email alerts to a range of facility events - Customisable alert templates - Send to multiple numbers & email addresses To find out more give us a call on 1300 852 117 (AU) or 0800 746 311 (NZ) to find out more. #SentinelAU #SentinelNZ
Facebook Post April 25, 2022 Today, we remember them. Lest we forget #SentinelAU #SentinelNZ
Facebook Post April 14, 2022 On behalf of the entire team at Sentinel Storage Security, we wish you and your family a Happy and Egg-citing Easter. 🐣 🐰 #SentinelAU #SentinelNZ
Facebook Post April 12, 2022 The Sentinel Doorstation MKIII is versatile, easy to use, durable and dependable. It gives occupants of buildings a safe means to communicate with visitors and a secure way of allowing entry with the following features: - 500 phone number capacity, 16 digits maximum - keyless entry code for each room - 2 on board relays with unique codes - dual line LCD with back-light - non volatile memory - backup battery circuit built in - programmable company logo / building name - auto hang up and auto answer facilities - flexible 1 to 6 digit room numbers - RTC recording and storing of gate events - half duplex hands free operation - loud speaker output of 1 watt peak - vandal resistent - weather shielded For more information on this product or any other security products we can provide, give us a call on 1300 852 117 (AU) or 0800 746 311 (NZ) #SentinelAU #SentinelNZ
Facebook Post March 31, 2022 The next generation DaVoice Keypads are out now! This voice activated keypad modelled on the DaVinci series requires your customers to sing the chorus of You're the Voice by John Farnham for 5:30 mins on entry to determine their identity and singing ability. Tell your customers they could rock it on karaoke with the new DaVoice keypad! #SentinelAU #SentinelNZ #AprilFools