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Sentinel Newsletter – April 2018

Self Storage & Access Control Solutions You Can Count On


Sentinel Australasia is one of the oldest and premier security brands for the self-storage industry across the world. Together with our expertise in self-storage operations, our extensive range of networks and our range of experienced installers, we are confident of providing a turn key solution for all your security and access requirements for your facility. Sentinel has been servicing the self-storage industry in excess of 40 years across the world, it originated in the US and has been supplied and installed throughout our region for 20 years.
We have always worked hard to provide you not just a keypad and access control system but to add value around all your security requirements. Aside from our core products, we also provide electric fencing, laser security, office alarms, security sensors and gate installations.
We are now PROUD to announce that we can now provide PA and audio systems for your facility. Consider that PA are systems are a safety requirement and also allows for you to add value to your CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE by streaming music through the audio systems. Which will enable you to provide a level of comfort for your clients.
Why speak to us about an obligation FREE quote
What we offer;
  • 7 day a week help desk/ support
  • All our installers are certified and trained in our software and hardware
  • Sentinel Software interfaces with all major Self-Storage POS systems
  • Our gate access systems are completely customisable for the hours you want
  • Real-time/ on screen gate activity display
  • Sentinel Software reports on all access activity
  • Configurable access levels for restricting access to unauthorised areas and buildings
  • Anti-pass back feature will help eliminate tailgating
  • Several keypad styles available
  • Multiple pass codes per unit
  • Multiple unit arm/disarm with single code
  • Keypads have a standalone mode, so if communications to the software stops your customers will continue to get in and out of your facility.
  • Door Automation
  • Lighting & Elevator Control
  • CCTV
  • Electric Fencing
  • PA and Audio systems
  • Grade A Office alarm monitoring
We make a point to ensure that our dealings with you are done with a face to face conversation, where you won’t be dealing with a 3rd party retailer on selling our products with any added margins.
From the start, first class customer service. Jason understood what was required and the process was extremely smooth.
The installation wasn’t an issue as it was discussed exactly what will be happening in the original enquiry. This ensured we were all aware of what will happen and when too.
Jason Keane delivered on what he quoted and on time. Jason is very passionate about his business and this was evident in the entire process.
Mark Greig
StoreLocal & Fort Knox Storage
Why security for your facility?
1) Hardware
Criminals, like anyone else, would prefer to take the easier path. If they can see security measures they are less likely to target you. Some common hardware includes:
Gates – The best gates are either accessible via keypad or monitored by an employee.
Fencing – This is your first line of defense. You want something high, solid, and intimidating.
Access Control Keypads – Sentinel sells four different models based on your needs. A criminal would rather use a bolt cutter to clip through a lock then try to figure out a pin, but if you aren’t ready to make the investment avoid bolt locks in favor of disks.
Individual Door Alarms –  These are a great deterrent, and with the alarms sold by Sentinel, managers can set up immediate notification of an attempted break in via SMS.
CCTV – Have your CCTV set up at the entrance of the lot so that customers, and criminals, can see the video. Visible security is one of the best preventative measures you can take.
Lights – Sentinel can help you automate your lighting systems to turn on at night and off during the day.
2) Software
Software is essential for property management. It helps track finances, taxes, and empty units, but did you know it can also be useful for security purposes? If you find a company, like Sentinel, that has software and hardware integration you can use your software to set up automatic alerts whenever an alarm is triggered on your property.
Software also allows you to keep track of your customers over a long period of time. The majority of customers are honest but most storage lot crimes are perpetrated by them. If someone is caught doing something illegal on your lot, software will help you keep records preventing that person from purchasing a storage unit from you in the future.
3) Human Connection
Hardware and software are made significantly more effective when you add an actual person who knows how to use them.
Some human touches include:
●     Checking to make sure every part of your unit is well lit and visible by camera.
●     Having a system of policies and procedures in place, this could include checking CCTV at certain times every day, nightly walk-throughs, or specific hours when gates are in operation.
●     Having a good relationship with local police.
●     Keeping your lot physically clean.
Sentinel can help you find the right security measures for your lot and show you how to integrate hardware, software, and human connection.
If you do it right, the only things happening on your lot will be people filling units with stuff and stuff sitting safely inside those units. Save the drama for the soapies, when it comes to storage lockers, boring is better. 
Sentinel Australasia are known for their high quality, safe and reliable systems. Our personalised service is a brilliant starting point on gaining the right information to know which security system is right for you. 
We make a point to ensure our systems are hardwired to your facility so that failures are completely minimised and redundancies are in place. The team at Sentinel Australasia makes a big deal about over spec our cables and equipment so that it will not only work today but give you longevity in choosing us.
You wont have to deal with any 3rd parties as we ensure that you are directly dealing with Sentinel Australasia team members throughout the lifetime of the project.
One stop shop | One point of contact | One company

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The STORCO Self Storage Unit Design & Construct service is the easy way to create your next facility without spending more time on the project than you need to. We take care of all phases of the project from design through to completion.
Sentinel systems easily integrate with Storco design and construct service from inception to execution.
Sentinel Platinum allows for complete , customizable, ‘event driven’ facility automation. Trigger alarms, lighting, elevators, security call centers, electric fences .. & much more.


Mobile app & SMS Alerts
Sentinel Platinum software provides you with complete remote control of your facility via a mobile app. Check system logs, open gates & doors … Receive an SMS anytime of the day or night for any significant events including door alarms or system failures.
  • Control of most Sentinel software functions by mobile
  • SMS and / or Email alerts to a range of facility events
  • Customizable alert templates
  • Send to multiple numbers & email addresses
Supported 7 days a week
Sentinel support is modelled on world-class ‘managed support’ services, with rapid response to urgent technical issues or queries.

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